These facial treatments are sure to meet your needs.  Guided by an aesthetician, you will receive a personalized treatment according to your skin type, to balance your inner & outer Beauty.


60 min / $ 85

purify & balance

Designed to heal, balance and calm acne prone skin.  This cleansing facial penetrates the skin to clear pore and helps to maintain a healthy glowing skin complexion. 


60 min / & 85

Age corrective

This treatment helps to stimulate cell regeneration.  Designed for mature skin, its anti-aging properties help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while increasing the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.   

75 min / $ 110

back cleansing treatment 

A treatment focused on the often neglected upper back area.

It consists of deep cleansing, exfoliation and mask application followed by a back massage.  

Your back will feel rejuvenated and soothed, 

60 min / $ 85