Intuitive Body work 

We offer a very unique massage for complete relaxation and well-being. This  massage incorporates different techniques including deep  flowing movements, Swedish, Californian, lomi-lomi  combined with the focus  of attention to help release tensions in the body. Comfortable, compassionate touch ensures a healing treatment for body and soul.

It is a full body oil massage tailored to meet your specific needs and it is complemented by an intuitive sense of what might be needed.

60 min 85$ / 90 min 110$

  Signature Massage

This full body deep-tissue or soft healing holistic treatment is the most amazing welcome to start healing your body, using a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology, and oil therapy to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen around your body, and bring a sense of wellbeing, calm and deep relaxation.


75 min $ 100

zen Mama Massage


​During this period of physical and emotional change this relaxing massage can be of enormous benefit to both the mother and baby.

Like other types of massage it relaxes tense muscles, eases sore spots, improves circulation and mobility, and makes you feel good.

60 min 90$ / 90 min 115$

-Heaven in Earth-


Imagine getting your feet wrapped in hot towels followed by a gentle Reflexology on your feet and head with the special touch of essential oils.

This treatment is a complementary therapy that aims to encourage the body to relax and work naturally to restore it's own balance. 

Encourage your body to relax and heal through your feet and head.

​ 75 min $ 90