integrative  massage 

Integrates  Swedish, Californian and flowing movement massage thechniques, melting  away muscle tension, improving the blood flow, enhancing the flexibility of the body. It helps the body  to regain its natural equilibrium. 

60 min 85$ / 90 min 110$

zen Mama Massage

Releaves pains and tensions caused by the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy. It improves the quality of sleep, stimulates blood circulation, reduces the feeling of “heavy legs”

60 min 90$ / 90 min 115$

  Signature Massage

A combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology, oil-aromatherapy, hot towels and stones.

It stimulates the blood and limphatic flow, eliminates toxins, instils peace, harmony and well-being. 


75 min $ 100



Light acupressure done on feet and hands stimulating organ refleex points.  It helps to re-energize the body, eliminate stress and promote overall wellness and balance. 

​75 min $ 90